How It Works

Our Disbursiverse platform moves business and retail clients from a costly and fraud-exposed cheque issuance and acceptance infrastructure onto a secure electronic funds disbursement infrastructure that aligns with goals of PCI compliance, and fraud reduction. By reducing manual touch points, and increasing automation, by rolling out platform independent browser based solutions that can be used in Canada and the US, we are able to facilitate electronic funds transfers, where historically, inefficient cheque issuance was the standard. This migration to a electronic settlement platform enables our clients to realize cost savings with near real time funds clearing, increased client retention, competitive product advantage, increased brand awareness, the collection of sticky user data (generated from link and social media hits), and cross platform marketing opportunities.

What We Do

We have developed a Self-service portal for claimants to securely submit banking information in order to electronically receive funds next day from their own financial institution. Our solution is ideally suited to any market or industry responsible for the issuance of high volume, low frequency distributions of monies.

About Us

We provide our valued clients with an affordable, secure means to distribute funds via an electronic medium with their existing financial institution as opposed to issuing cheques.

Our Products

We have several key products to help you


Disbursiverse partners with TPA insurance claims handling clients to facilitate electronic payments to claimants (Clients hold loss funds in trust on behalf of insurers to investigate and settle insurance claims)

Class Action Administration

Disbursiverse partners with class action administrators to facilitate electronic payments to claimants (Clients hold a pool of court ordered loss funds in trust on behalf of class members and must ensure eligibility for payment and distribution of funds)


Disbursiverse engages large corporate clients to facilitate the compiliation of vendor banking coordinates to facilitate electronic payment as opposed to cheque issuance

Manufacturer Rebate

Disbursiverse Partners with Manufacturers and rebate houses to facilitate electronic payment of claims as opposed to paper cheque or payment card issuance

Our Team

Adam McNabb

Responsible for evaluating prospective business and partnership targets. With over 15 years of technical accounting and business & process development experience in a variety of companies, Adam has worked in a variety of market sectors including finance, insurance, travel, manufacturing, distribution, and transportation and logistics. Adam resides in Elora, Ontario with his family and holds a CPA, CGA accounting designation, and MBA, and H.B. Com degrees from Laurentian University.

Bob Ahrens
Technical Architecture/Marketing

Bob Ahrens is an experienced architect and a Disbursiverse co-founder. He responsible for the strategic planning, development and management of the firm’s data practice and specializes in the architecture and design of applications surrounding data integration and Cryptography. Bob specializes in building center of excellence programs surrounding the use of ETL tools as well as managing best practices. Additionally, he is an expert at dealing with large-scale, multi-platform data warehouses that service customer relationship management, automated scoring and decisioning, and management systems within the finance, government, insurance, security and transportation industries.

Fred Ahrens
Software Engineer

Extensive background in the full life-cycle of software development process including requirements gathering, design, coding, testing, debugging and maintenance.

Contact Us

Conveniently located in Elora Ontario, Disbursiverse resides close to both the greater Toronto area and Kitchener / Waterloo technology hubs which enables access to resources and clients enabling us to remain current with emerging technologies, and industry best practices.